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    Making sure you and your family have safe, clean and good-tasting water is as important to you as providing a secure home and food on the table. That's why you want to invest in a water filtration system. Whether you intend to rely on pentek water filter products or plan to use one of the many other water filters/systems available, you see this as an important line of defense not only for the taste of your water, but also your family's safety.

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    Filterpros – Top Quality Pentek, Omnifilter, Everpure Food Service, and Hoshizaki Water Filters and Water Filtration Systems

    Homeowners: Why waste money on bottled water when a proven, reliable water filtration system from Pentek, Omnifilter, or Everpure can deliver the same quality of water straight from your tap, year after year?

    Business owners: Keep your fountain and coffee customers happy with consistently great-tasting beverages and ice made from water filtered by an industry-standard Everpure Food Service Filtration System and quality Everpure or Hoshizaki filters.

    Pentek Water Filters and Water Filtration Systems

    Pentek offers a full array of water filters to provide safe, clean water for your family or business. Pentek water filtration systems are available as either Whole House Systems, Under Sink Systems, or Countertop Systems. Whether you have gritty water from a well or chlorine-smelling water from the city, Pentek has the solution to your water filtration problems. The right Pentek water filter can remove bacteria, cysts, silt, chlorine, rust, and many other contaminants.

    Omnifilter Water Filters and Water Filtration Systems

    Omnifilter water filtration systems and water filters are available in both standard and heavy-duty grades. Choose an easy-to-install Standard Whole House System using standard-grade Omnifilter replacement filters for moderate levels of water filtration throughout your home. For larger homes, choose a Heavy-Duty Whole House System using heavy-duty Omnifilter replacement filters designed for extended usage. Not sure which Omnifilter system or filter is right for your home? Just call us and ask. We'll be glad to help!

    Everpure and Everpure Food Service Systems and Filters

    If you're in food service, you know top quality water is the lifeblood of your coffee and fountain business. Everpure Food Service Filtration Systems and genuine Everpure Food Service water filters deliver the pure, great-tasting water your customers demand. Smart owners keep extra Everpure Food Service filters on-hand to be sure each and every customer receives the same, consistent-quality beverage time after time. For coffee, espresso, ice, fountain beverages or steam applications, Everpure Food Service has the filters you need to keep your beverage sales growing.

    Get that same great Everpure quality at your home or office with Everpure Water Filtration Systems and Everpure water filters for non-commercial applications.

    Hoshizaki Water Filters

    Everpure also makes water filters to fit the popular Hoshizaki ice maker. Regularly replacing Hoshizaki water filters will protect your investment, keeping your Hoshizaki ice machine running at peak efficiency, minimizing down time and costly repair bills. Hoshizaki water filters are ideal for machines producing up to 900 pounds of ice per day.