Why A Good Carbon Water Filter Is Needed

Why Do You Need A Carbon Water Filter

Carbon filters help remove harmful chemicals from water. In the United States most water is processed before it hits your faucet. Even some of the things that make the water “clean” can be harmful to drink. Carbon water filters can also protect from some of the elements that aren’t removed by local water processing. Continue reading

What Are The Risks of Not Using A Well Water Filter?

When you live in the city, you get your water from a supply that has been processed. When you live in the country this service isn’t available, so you usually get water from a well. Is the water safer in the country than the city? It’s hard to say.

Is City Water Safer than in the Country?

You might feel getting water from a well is more natural so it’s safer than city water. It’s possible there’s some truth to that, but it may not be a fair comparison. There are just different things to consider. Continue reading