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    • "I am very satisfied. I talked to a real person and he brought up my record and knew immediately what I wanted and my order was complete in just a minute or so. In a few days I ...
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    • Always helpful when I call with any question. Always prompt and accurate delivery. They make keeping up with my filter easy! 7-24-13
    • your company was very helpful in helping me selecting a filter and saving a substancial amount of money. Thanks 7-27-13
      William H. 

    Pentek WS-20BB 155321-43 Water Softening Filter 20" x 4.5"

    Pentek WS-20BB 155321-43 Water Softening Filter 20

    Pentek WS-20BB 155321-43 Water Softening Filter 20

    $$$ Savings & Options

    The Pentek WS-20BB water filter removes scale and hardness and provides softened water in a convenient cartridge-style design.

    The Pentek WS20BB softening cartridge utilizes a bed of sodium form cation resin beads to reduce hardness and scale deposits.

    The convenient space-saving design means that softened water can be provided easily and cost effectively at the exact point of need. The Pentek WS-20BB Water Softener Filter Cartridges contain FDA Grade Softener Resin.

    Reduces hardness that can cause mineral build-up.
    Reduces calcium and magnesium.
    May be used on water having up to 30 grains hardness per gallon at flow rates up to 2 gpm.

    SO-204 fits SO-24 system and 20" big bowl housings.
    Capacity:  4500 Grains
    Flow Rate: 2 GPM

    Do not use for drinking water applications where the water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
    Dimensions: 20" x 4.5" (508 mm x 114 mm)
    Recommended Flow Rate: 2.00 gpm (8.5 L/min)
    Capacity: 4,500 (Grains as CaCO3)
    Temperature Rating: 100°F (37.8°C)
    Filter Media: Standard Softener Resin
    (Cation, sodium-form resin, 20 x 40 mesh, R-SO3 -Na+)
    End Caps, Pre-Filter, and Post-Filter: Polypropylene
    Gasket: Buna-N
    SO-204 (9105-41) WS-20BB (155321-43)
    SO-204 (9105-41) WS-20BB (155321-43) Softening Resin Cartridge

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